People claim it is not a good time to sell a home during the month of December. Where does that come from? At Four Corners we have found the holidays to be a great time for our sellers to list their homes.

First of all, the home using shows its best side. From the sparkling tree aglow with lights surrounded by bright presents with festive bows to the rich fragrance of pine and cinnamon to the cheer of Christmas carols your home is probably alive with more magic than the rest of the year.

Secondly, no one looks at homes during December unless they are committed to buying. Really, like there’s not enough to do without adding looking at homes? So when your house gets a showing, you can pretty much be sure there’s a real possibility of a sale.

Two of the homes listed by Four Corners Real Estate Group received listings on Christmas Eve! Both were negotiated into a sale. Such a lovely holiday gift for buyers, sellers and agents alike.