Considering buying or selling a property?  Read this first.

Perhaps you think all Realtors are created equal.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Before you enter into a transaction with a real estate agent, read this.  Here are three reasons each for the Buyer and/or Seller for you to select Four Corners Real Estate Group as your trusted advisor.


Today the home buying search begins on the Internet.  Perhaps that is how you come to be reading this blog.  It's so great, consumers have access to all the inventory available, and can virtually stroll through hundreds of houses from the comfort of home.  Who doesn't love looking at houses in their jammies?

But when it is time to choose your real estate professional, we know you need a Four Corners Real Estate professional in your corner.

1.  Our agents provide a customer care level designed to deliver a Five Star Experience.  We work as a team, so you get the benefit of years of education and experience.  All our transactions are overseen by a licensed escrow coordinator to ensure quality control exceeding your expectations.

2.  We offer ongoing professional training, both for real estate and personal growth for our group members.  We believe in honing our skills and keeping abreast of all the newest trends.  Legal updates minimize your risk as a consumer.  Our agents are fully immersed in the current market, attending the local Association of Realtor marketing meetings and educational workshops.

3.  Along with required ethics training, Four Corners Real Estate Group selects only professionals with the strongest of professional and personal reputations in the industry.  Not every agent is invited to join our organization.


The time for the three Ps of real estate selling (Put up a Sign. Put on the MLS. Pray it sells) is long past.  Today the Ps are Prepare, Price and Promote.

1.  Four Corners Real Estate Group offers world-class marketing powered by Curaytor, the most advanced real estate technology available.  Our marketing department is innovative and creative, giving your home a stunning showcase throughout  the digital world.  We help you prepare your home for showing, provide professional photography and create amazing ads to capture the eyes of buyers.

2. Our agents receive training from the foremost names in the real estate industry, including Brian Buffini and the Paperless Agent.  We are professional negotiators highly skilled in handling transactions.

3.  Because we are a local, focused boutique brokerage we  are able to adapt our real estate technology to the latest market trends, avoiding the ponderous response of a Big Box real estate company whose software has to work for markets from California to New York.


Chose your real estate professional with care.  She or he will be helping you manage your largest financial asset.  Rely on Four Corners Real Estate Group for all your real estate needs.