So you found a home you love, and your offer has been accepted by the seller. Congratulations!

Now you have some work to do. You should inspect the home thoroughly, calling in professionals where indicated. Does the roof look sketchy? Better have it inspected. Old plumbing? Ditto. You have a period of time in your contract which allows for you to check out everything to ensure this is the home you hoped it would be.

But there is another highly important task for you, Mr. and Mrs. Buyer.

Carefully read the disclosures give to you by the seller. In the Transfer Disclosure Statement they must list anything that could limit your use and enjoyment of the property.

Perhaps your new neighbors have a yappy dog or like to play loud music when they get off the swing shift at 2 a.m. That would need to be disclosed to you.

But what if the sellers sleep like logs and don’t mind the noise? They may not have written that down, because it doesn’t bother them at all!

It is good to visit the home you hope to buy at all times of the day and night. Check out week days vs. weekends. You don’t need to go into the house, just drive through or walk through the neighborhood. Make sure there isn’t something you are missing.

Here’s wishing you years of happiness in your new home!