1.  The Neighborhood

The Vintage neighborhood is friendly and inviting.  Though it is a tract, the homes are varied enough so each home has a unique personality.  (You won't accidentally pull into the wrong driveway at the end of a busy day.  Don't laugh, it happens some places.)  The landscaping is mature and varied.  The only traffic is from people who live in the neighborhood.  Schools, stores and services are nearby - so convenient.  The Highway 25 bypass is two blocks away for quick access for commuters.

2.  The Quality

The homes are well built.  This is not a cheap concrete slab on grade, throw up the walls, slap on the roof.  There is a real foundation! Built after the Loma Prieta earthquake, it was constructed to withstand both Mother Nature and Acts of  God.  Solid walls.  Good insulation.  Things work as they should.  This home IS your castle.   

3. The Floor Plan 

The practical floor plan is perfect.  From the moment you walk in the front door, the space flows in a logical fashion.  There are enough walls that everyone can find some solitude when needed, but few enough that it is possible to have a free-flowing party throughout the living space into the back yard.

4. The Light 

The ceilings are vaulted in most spaces, making our home appear even more generous than it is.  Large windows (dual-paned) allow for pleasant light.  The home is oriented to the north, keeping it cooler.  Light, bright and airy.  Now isn't that just what you wanted?

5.  The Neighbors

Best of all, you will have great neighbors!  We have been so lucky to have great people on either side.  We will miss then terribly, and hope you help to fill the hole left by our departure.

There you have it.  Our five top reasons why this home was wonderful.  We have loved living here.  We have so many memories from raising our daughter.  But now we are retiring to a beach community on the East Coast.  We hope you will enjoy this home as much as we did.