Does the thought of moving send shivers down your spine... and not the good ones?  Read on to discover how technology can keep you from losing your possessions and your mind.

Stressed about moving?  Don't be.  Your smart phone comes to the rescue!  Download an application with tools and tips to help you. Here are some for your consideration.

Move Advisor is free and available for both Android and Apple.  It contains a week-by-week checklist, a home inventory and the ability to help you find and obtain a quote from licensed moving companies near you.

State Farm Insurance offers MoveTools. This free app offers moving tips and a checklist to complete during a move. In addition, it offers cool features like Packing Box, a virtual box to help envision which items go in which size box., and Smart Labels to creates and prints labels for your boxes.

Magic Plan for Android or Apple creates detailed diagrams of your house from pictures you take. This allows you to plan where each item of furniture will go.  Pretty cool stuff, eh?

MoveAtlas was created by (you guessed it!) Atlas Moving and Packaging Services in order to assist its clients, but anyone can use it. This app notifies you with "don't forget" tasks, provides expert advice and packing tips, includes a four-week planner for making sure you don't miss time-sensitive tasks. Moving day checklists keep you moving forward on moving day. And of course you can get a quote from and Atlas Van Lines agent!

These should get you started in your search for organizational help.  Call us if we can help you with anything at all.  Our job is to provide a five star experience for each of our clients from beginning to end.