You take care of your car, right?  You change the oil, get it washed, tune it up.  After all, you spend a lot of time in it, right?

Another thing you spend a lot of time in is your bed.  But when was the last time you thought about caring for it?

You love your trusty, perfectly-snugged-to-your-head pillow. But guess what else is snug against your head? Fungus — 4 to 16 species to be precise. (Now try going to sleep.)

With fall being the height of guest season, you’ll want your guest pillows fresh, too. Pop them in the washing machine and dryer for an all-over clean feeling. (But check manufacturer advice, too. Some pillows shouldn’t be washed, but replaced instead.)

Sleeping soundly gets even better when you know you’re lying on a clean and fresh mattress.  Over time skin cells and sweat get into the mattress attracting dust mites  

You’ll want your mattresses to be at its freshest.  Vacuum it and then wipe it down with a cloth dampened with an upholstery shampoo. But be sure to let it dry to discourage mold. 

Rotate it 180 degrees to help keep it lump-free. If you’ve got a flippable mattress toss it over.  

There are no permeable enclosures to zip around the entire mattress.  They are not terribly expensive and can extend the life of your mattress.  Nothing gets in or out.

One last bed tip.  Keep a bottle of linen spray near your bed.  A little spritz of lavender or lemon or eucalyptus can soothe the soul and promote sleep   

You spend half your life in your bed.  Make sure it’s a Five Star experience.