Currently there are several home builders hard at work creating new neighborhoods. But before you rush off to see the model homes (which always look fabulous!) you might want to call a local Realtor.

“Why?” you ask. Good question. If you go to look at the homes, you will have to register. And once you’ve registered, you belong to the builder.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t implying the builders are out to get you. But they will handle all negotiations and details. And they will naturally be looking out for their best interests which may not align with yours.

If you have a Realtor with you when you register, the builder will not allow you to have them handle your side of the transaction, but you will have an advocate who can offer you advice and perhaps make recommendations to save you money and alleviate some stress. And you won’t pay the Realtor, the builder will give them a small flat fee.

But wouldn’t it be best to have someone in your corner helping you? You bet.

There is no reason not to buy a new home. But you should be aware there will be costs you will incur. For instance, landscaping. Buying an existing home could save you lots of money and time. It may be the home of your dreams already is built and is just waiting for you to find it!

In general, the more you know about a housing market, the better you will feel about your ultimate choice. So call us if you are coming into San Benito County to look at homes. We’ll make sure you see all your options so you can make the best choice when you purchase your home.