In this El Nino year of 2016, San Benito has gotten some rain for the first time in years. With the blessed rain comes the inevitable mud.

Obviously, a seller wants their home to be open to as many potential buyers as possible, but how to keep sure nothing gets tracked in on clean floors?

Some home sellers choose to ask visitors to remove their shoes. Though this is understandable, it doesn’t make for a very welcoming start to a showing. It is not a recommended practice.

Other home sellers lay down plastic runners. Again, this does not create a feeling of home for the viewer.

If you are selling your home and very concerned about this, you might invest in some of those shoe covers which are used in a hospital. Disposable, they cover the entire shoe and will ensure a dirt-free trip through your home.

But most agents and potential buyers will be sensitive to the situation. If you make sure you have a good door mat on which to wipe feet, it should not be a problem.

Make sure your Realtor has placed the lockbox in an area which does not require the showing agent to tromp through the mud.

Just one last tip. Make sure all the lights are on when a showing is planned. Bright homes sell faster than gloomy ones.

The good news is all the rain should bring flowers in the spring!